Hotel Corvinus Kempinski

Hotel Corvinus Kempinski

Hotel Corvinus Kempinski | Budapest

One of the most exclusive, luxurious hotels of the capital was built on the most valuable plot of the downtown area beside the former Adria Insurance Company (now the Meridien Hotel). The scale-rate system of the environment, its architectural style and partially the heritage protection determined the master-planning and height conditions of the building.

The design had the fortune the hotel operator proved to be a good partner to develop an “open-house” which means they were not solely concentrated on serving its own guests at a very high level but intended to take part in the cultural – artistic life of the city through its own exhibitions and auctions. This transparent openness was the concept of the design – to create a structure of space that is airy, transparent and spacious, which meets the new space-making demands in the existing environment. The layout which is closed towards two directions opens up to the direction of Deák Ferenc Street forming a huge circular bay to which rooms open on.

The building is a good example of how to form new functional-space values, complying also with the strict city regulations, which finally have an inductive effect on future life of its own neighbourhood.

Leading architect Dr. József Finta DLA h.c. and
Antal Puhl
Area 38 000m²
Appointment 1988-1991
Completion 1992